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Guinea Pigs of North Carolina
Piggies in Heaven


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Proper Housing
Piggies in Heaven

This page is dedicated to piggies that are now running the streets of Gold, chewing on Heavenly grass, and sleeping in homes made by the potters hand.

Miss Piggie



Miss Piggie truly was the Greatest Guinea Pig in the World. She would whistle for Me everytime she heard Me in the house. I would enter her room and she would stand on two legs and reach up waiting for a carrot. She stood out from all my piggies, she was unique in ways that words cannot express. The day she left Me was a very sad day in my house, but I will assure you heaven recieved a bundle of Joy that day! You will forever have a special place in my heart Miss Piggie, until we meet again in the Kingdom.



Lady, Our time together was very short when you were called above. However you left behind 4 bundles of JOY in my care, till will meet again in the glorious Kingdom.